Sea School

In my life as a professional electrical engineer you appreciate greatly the need to open people,s minds to new and fulfilling ideas that will let them flourish in life…

Our 2 youngest children are now "home schooled " and by living and breathing the very places that others can only read about in books or on the net are in our opinion learning and interacting more with the planet than if traditionally schooled.

All parents and educators will be worried by the new "curriculum of excellence" issued by the Scottish government and whilst we follow the guidance presented by the board of education we will ensure that our children are proficient in Maths, English and a science and amongst others a great number of practical certification that will be more usefull to them in later life.

The Gallant Spirit crew are delighted to follow the world leading RYA syllabus  in sailing and watersports training

and our children follow these courses strictly.

We also follow the PADI diving syllabus for underwater training.

Jake has passed his RYA dayskipper theory March 2013 and will now be concentrating on his IGSE

exams in the next 18 months with support from Oxford open learning.

Can you  "think outside the box"   ?                        

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